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Spare Parts and Equipment

Our customer, which produces concrete blocks in the Democratic Republic of Congo, has accelerated its concrete block facilities with its new facilities and equipment. Expanding its production capacity with the Concrete Block Machine model BlockKing-25MS, which it supplied from our company in the past years, the company purchased spare parts and equipment for mass production. Block manufacturer serving its customers with three Conmach BlockKing-25MS concrete block machines; purchased a steel-framed pallet used to collect wet produce.

Spare parts shipped

Concrete block making machine spare parts are highly preferred equipment by customers. Spare parts equipments produced by our company are rubber chocke, trolley wheels, mould cleaning brushes, vibrator bearing, vibrator motor, hydraulic pistons, pulley belt, sensor, jack, rubber belt and wooden and plastic pallet. From our factory in Corlu to our customer in Democratic Republic of Congo, 1050 wooden pallets, 6 block moulds, 30 conveyor belts, 40 trolley wheels, rubber chocke and a reducer motor were shipped in 3 containers.

Spare parts CONMACH Guaranteed

Concrete block machine spare parts and equipment are produced with the quality and assurance of our company according to customer requests. All products shipped to the Democratic Republic of Congo are guaranteed by CONMACH. Among the products with first-class quality content, steel alloy ones are produced from wear-resistant steels. You can reach us from your social media accounts and WhatsApp communication line for concrete block machine spare parts equipment


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