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Preference of Concrete Block Manufacturers; CONMACH

Concrete blocks are a very common building material used in the construction industry. In its production, cement, sand and water are mixed, this mixture is then pressed in the concrete block making machine. The pressing process is carried out with the use of different moulds. Products such as concrete blocks, paving stones and curb stones are produced in this machine. The production process of concrete blocks includes complex machinery that requires raw materials and laborious work. Therefore, concrete block manufacturing is a profitable industry. Concrete is a strong and durable material; this makes it popular for use in a variety of applications. Concrete block manufacturers prefer the CONMACH brand, which produces in different regions of Nigeria (Abuja, Lagos, Enugu, Akwa ibom state, Kaduna, Kano, Port Harcourt) in order to include quality and customer satisfaction in their products. Concrete Block Machine for Sale, the BLOCKKING-36MS, which was installed in the Lekki region in November 2022, is among the preferences of the Nigerian concrete block manufacturers.

Nigeria-Lekki Establishment Successfully Held

As it is known, concrete blocks are used in construction to create walls, floors and other structural elements. These products are also used in the manufacture of the cement and brick industries. In addition, concrete blocks, paving stones and concrete curbs are a popular material used in road construction, parks and gardens, landscaping and other construction sites. It is none other than the BLOCKKING-36MS concrete block machine model, which increases the popularity of these products. The machine, which was successfully installed in the Lekki region, work in one shift (8 hours); It has a production capacity of 10,000 9 inch briquettes, 16,000 6 inch briquettes, 1,000 m2 of paving stones and 6,000 curb stones. While the concrete block machine was transported to Lekki, Nigeria, the machine was sent with its main chassis, mixer, sand transfer belt, mortare transfer belt, moulds and trolleys.

Cement Used in Concrete Block Production

According to Nigerian concrete block manufacturers, the quality of the concrete block machine preferred in the production of concrete blocks ranks first. This is supported by the right brand and the right product choice. For example, the quality of cement used for mortar minimizes deterioration or cracking while improving the properties of the resulting structure. You know that there are different types of cement, alkaline or wet cement is required in the production of concrete blocks.

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