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User Friendly Block Making Machine

Producing concrete block making machines in various capacities, CONMACH completed the production of BlockKing-12MD, a machine model with double mortar car, and exported it to the city of Garowe, Somalia. The 8-hour production capacity of our machine, which meets the needs of our customers, is: 4.000 units of 20x20x40 cm block, 5.000 units of 15x20x40 cm block, 6.000 units of 12.5x20x40 cm blocks, 7.000 units of 10x20x40 cm blocks, 2.000 concrete curb stones, 275 m2 paving stones. BlockKing-12MD is a user-friendly block making machine that relieves the operator and his work with its easy-to-use feature. The fact that it is suitable for every budget with its cost has made it popular among the block machine models for sale. Features such as ease of use, low cost, maintenance, repair, spare parts supply and customer support, which concrete block manufacturers pay attention to when purchasing machinery, are the assurance of our company.

It was sent to the port of Berbera, Somalia.

The concrete block machine, the production of which was completed in Turkey, was shipped from our factory in Çorlu to Ambarlı Port in a 40 ft hc container. The container contained BlockKing-12MD machine main chassis, concrete mixer, 2 conveyor belts, 4 wheelbarrows, 3 block molds, 6 paving stone molds, 2 curb stone molds. Block making machines and equipment are on their way from Ambarlı port to Somalia Berbera port to be delivered to our customers. Spare parts against wear and tear were among the equipment sent. To learn more about the concrete block making machine manufactured by our company CONMACH, we recommend that interested concrete block manufacturers visit our websites, social media accounts, trade fairs and exhibitions or contact us directly.

Common Features of Concrete Block Making Machines.

BlockKing-12MD is a model of concrete block making machine manufactured by CONMACH. The specific features and technical specifications of this model are described in detail on our website. Some of the features of the machine going to Somalia Berbera port include; It has features such as the ability to produce concrete blocks in various sizes and shapes, a working system with or without an automatic weighing system. It is important for block manufacturers considering purchasing a concrete block making machine such as the BlockKing-12MD to consider factors such as the machine's production capacity, efficiency, cost and maintenance requirements.

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