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Jamaica Visit

Blockking-42MS, a concrete block machine model, was sent to Jamaica in the first days of July 2022 and started production. Concrete block machines are equipment used for the production of concrete blocks and are frequently used in the construction industry. The Blockking-42MS model is a concrete block machine that can work efficiently thanks to its high production capacity and automatic control system. In countries like Jamaica, the construction industry is growing with the increase of infrastructure development projects and there is an increasing demand for this type of equipment. We visited our machine that produces in its own construction site in Jamaica and exchanged ideas about our machine with our customer.

Blockking-42MS Features

Our customer reminded us about the Blockking-42MS model concrete block machine features. Capacity to produce 4,000 standard size concrete blocks per hour, high efficiency thanks to the automatic control system, easy switching between manual and automatic modes, Press system powered by hydraulic system, strip feeder system integrated with the concrete mixing unit, Precision thanks to the sensors on the concrete feeding belt The features such as size and weight measurement, ease of maintenance thanks to the automatic lubrication system and ease of use with multi-language options reveal the preference of the Conmach Block Machine.

Concrete Block Manufacturers' Choice

Blockking-42MS is a concrete block machine that is frequently used in the construction industry thanks to its high production capacity, automatic control system and integrated concrete mixing unit. Among the machinery equipment that continues production in Jamaica, there are 3 machine molds in total, including a 0.75 m3 Mixer, 2 mortar conveyors, 1 stacking robot, a block mold, a paving stone mold and a curb mold. The use of hydraulic system and sensors in our machine ensures the production of concrete blocks with high quality and precise measurements. On the other hand, the automatic lubrication system and multi-language options make the machine easier to use. Conmach Concrete Block Machine Blockking-42MS helps construction companies achieve high efficiency and quality in concrete block production.


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