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A Company on the Journey of Industrialization

The construction industry continues its industrialization journey with Guyana, one of the South American countries. Guyana, the Caribbean country where the construction sites of the future rise, has gained more efficiency, high quality and a machine that will benefit the construction industry with the Conmach BlockKing-12MS Concrete Block Making Machine. Working with a focus on customer and manufacturing in production projects, the construction company CONMACH MACHINE LTD. CO. designs and exports Concrete Block Making Machine, Block Paving Stone Machine, Block Mould, Paving Stone Mould, Curb Mould models that are sensitive to health, safety, efficiency and environment. BlockKing-12MS sent to Guyana by Conmach was loaded in a 20 container and sent from Ambarlı port to Georgetown port, which is the destination port.

Lean manufacturing

Construction companies, which are one of the important sectors of the industrialization journey, have productivity and profitability values ​​with their production projects. In the statement made by CONMACH, the Concrete Block Making Machine manufacturer, it was said that we are moving towards the goal with lean production. While the BlockKing-12MS Concrete Block Making Machine was transferred to Guyana in the last quarter of 2021, 0.15 m3 mixer, 4 trolleys, 2 conveyor belts, 3 block moulds, 3 paving stone moulds were completed and sent with a lean production project. Conmach Manufacturing Manager stated that they work with the motto "Quality Makes a Difference" during the production phase and said that their aim is to accelerate the construction industry with CONMACH quality and to reinforce their knowledge and experience with quality.

Always Forward

Always Forward

For CONMACH, 2021 continues with Covid-19 measures. In order to always move forward, Concrete Block Making Machine, Concrete Pipe Making Machine, Concrete Batching Plant, Mobile Concrete Batching Plant, Stationary Concrete Plant, Crusher Plants, Aggregate Bunker, Concrete Mixer, Cement Silo, Automation Unit are among the project works carried out. Conmach BlockKing-12MS Concrete Block Making Machine is one of the construction machines in demand with its features. Block Capacity is 3-7 pieces / press 3000-7000 pieces / shift, Paving Stone Capacity, 0.325 m2 / press 325 m2 / shift, Curb Capacity, 3-4 pieces / press 3.000 – 4.000 press / shift.BlockKing-12MS works semi-automatically, the motor brands used are Gamak / Elk / Volt, the brands used for electrical materials are GmtCnt / Siemens / Telemecanique, and the transfer band rubber size is 60 cm x 10 – 11.25 m.


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