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A Success Story

Constructing strategic solutions for the changing needs of today's world, CONMACH added the city of Lusaka, the capital of Zambia, to its success story. Evaluating the latest developments in the sector, CONMACH Marketing Manager said, “Our machines find their place in new markets, our progress in the sector continues with competitive power. The use of first-class materials, quality manufacturing, customer satisfaction, accurate pricing, timely shipping, guaranteed service, installation and assembly are the factors that affect our competitiveness in the design of the Concrete Block Making Machine. Today we have added a new one to our success story, the BLOCKKING-12MS Concrete Block Making Machine is on its way to Lusaka city. We are the owners of this success story, which will continue to contribute to the country's economy with new exports.

Advanced Production Technology

With its wide product range, CONMACH MACHINERY offers you not only high quality but also the variety that will enable you to find what you are looking for. We guarantee customer satisfaction with the highest quality materials, the most advanced production technologies and our expert team. The BLOCKKING-12MS Concrete Block Making Machine was shipped to Lusaka, the capital city of Zambia, in a 20 ft dc container. Along with the main chassis, 2 conveyor belts, 1 0.15 m³ mixer, 5 wet product collection wheelbarrows, 3 block moulds, 1 interlock moulds were sent. Block Making Machine installation and assembly will be carried out by CONMACH technical service teams at the FREYNET TRADING BLOCK MASTERS construction site located in Lusaka.

BlockKing-12MS Features

The BLOCKKING-12MS Concrete Block Making Machine is among the machine models that are in high demand with its features. Block mould and Paving Stone mould capacity feature; 200x200x400 mm (8 inch) Block Capacity  4 pcs/press  4.000 pcs/shift, 150x200x400 mm (6 inch) Block Capacity  5 pcs/press  5.000 pcs/shift, 100x200x400 mm (4 inch) Block Capacity  7 pcs/ press  7,000 pieces/shift, Paving Stone Capacity  0.325 m2/press  350 m2/shift in 8 hours. BLOCKKING-12MS Block Making Machine has semi-automatic working type. Electrical Material Brand: GmtCnt / Siemens / Telemecanique, Motor Brand: Gamak / Elk / Volt, Gearbox Brand: Yılmaz / Polat / Dişsan.

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