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Two Machines, Two Different Block Producer

Updated: Jul 30, 2022

Concrete Block Making Machine exports continue at full speed, BlockKing-09MS, one of the block machine models that are the focus of attention of briquette manufacturers, has been sent to Ghana, which borders with Ivory Coast, Burkina Faso and Togo, located in the south of the Gulf of Guinea. The machine, produced in the factory facilities in Turkey, was designed to be delivered to two different customers. By sea transport, the city in Kumasi Metropolitan Government and Ashanti Region in the southern region of Ghana and the Upper East Region of Ghana are adjacent to the border of Burkina Faso. It was shipped to our customers in the town of Bolgatanga. Block Making Machine model BlockKing-09MS layout, installation, assembly and operator training carried out by CONMACH technicians in Kumasi and Bolgatanga.

CONMACH Wind in Ghana

Concrete Block Making Machine exports are blowing CONMACH winds in different regions of Ghana, and the block manufacturers in Kumansi seem to be quite satisfied with the quality of CONMACH. There is a block machine that was installed and actively working in the city, and there is a CONMACH concrete block making machine dealer in the capital city of Accra. The equipment shipped with the BlockKing-09MS Block Making Machine, which set out for two different customers, is 1 mixer, 2 conveyor belts, 4 trolleys and 7 moulds each. These; 4 of them are concrete block moulds, 2 of them are paving stone moulds and 1 of them are curb stone moulds. On the other hand, we have machines that produce block in different regions of Ghana, and click here to contact us and get detailed information.

BlockKing-09MS Production Capacity

While Concrete Block Making Machine exports are sent with the slogan "Two Machines, Two Different Block Producers", the block machine model BlockKing-09MS is the machine model most preferred by block manufacturers with its aesthetic structure and serial use. Our machine; It has a semi-automatic operating system. Production capacity; 230x230x400 mm - (9 inch) Block Capacity / 3 units/press - 3,000 units/shift - 200x200x400 mm - (8 inch) Block Capacity / 3 units/press - 3,000 units/shift - 150x200x400 mm - (6 inch) Block Capacity / 4 units/press - 4.000 units/shift - 125x200x400 mm - (5 inch) Block Capacity / 5 units/press - 5.000 units/shift - 100x200x400 mm - (4 inch) Block Capacity / 6 units/press - 6.000 units/shift - Paving Stone Capacity - 0.25 m2/press - 275 m2/shift - Curb Stone Capacity - 2-3 units/press - 1.750 – 2.500 units/shift.


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