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Machines with hydraulic system

Updated: Jul 4, 2022

Machines with hydraulic system, manually operated by the operator, are defined as Manual Concrete Blocks and Pavers Machines. The operation of the machine is completely dependent on the oprerator. According to customer's request, the machine can also be controlled by PLC. The pallet system is fed manually to the Concrete Block Machine, which produces based on human labor. Products coming out of the Machine tacked by trolley and sent to dry. You can not put the finished product one on one. It is necessary to lay the pavers in a row until they completely dry. Once the drying process is complete, the collection of pavers or blocks is again carried out with the help of human labor. Semi-automatic Concrete Block and Pavers Machine; the system of mixing the solution in these machines is carried out with the addition of material to the mixer. The bucket is filled with a shovel, which is defined as a method of measuring inert materials. The solution bucket is designed according to the mixer capacity. Cement,sand and water are used as the material. The operator regulates the amount of water, and also takes an active part in the work of the Concrete Blocks and Pavers Machine. The control panel is used to supply the solution to the machine. In semi-automatic systems, product stacking is carried out using pallets that are stacked one on one, which saves space and facilitates transportation. Blocks and Pavers laid on pallets are transported by forklift and sent to the drying area. Dry products are collected through a pallet on request, using an automatic loader.

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