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Construction machinery manufacturer CONMACH delivered the Concrete block machine it produced in its Çorlu factory building on October 18, 2022. The machine main chassis and equipment loaded into the container set off from Çorlu to Bursa / Gemlik port with a tow truck. The machine-laden container loaded on ships was sent to Douala, Cameroon, located in the midwestern part of the African continent. In the statement made by the company, it was stated that the export record of 2021 was broken with the exports of Cameroon and the difference between the exports to be made in the last two months of 2022 will be widened.

BlockKing-20MS was sent to the city of Douala.

Concrete Block Machine The BlockKing-20MS model is among the machine models preferred by concrete block manufacturers with its strong main chassis. Among the equipment that made its way in Cameroon export, BlockKing-20MS machine main chassis, 0.5 m3 mixer, sand conveyor belt, mortar conveyor belt, 6 wheelbarrows and 3 block molds, 1 hollow block mold, 2 paving stone molds took place. Our machine was safely sent to the city of Douala, which has the largest city of, its economic capital, the largest port in Central Africa and an international airport.

BlockKing-20MS Capacity Specifications

In the multi-tribal city of Douala, known as Little Africa, the machinery will be installed and assembled by CONMACH technicians. The capacity features of the BlockKing-20MS Concrete Block Machine to be installed are as follows. It has the capacity to produce 8,000 20x20x40 cm blocks, 10,000 15x20x40 cm blocks, 14.000 10x20x40 cm blocks, 600 m2 paving stones

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