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Production against Covid-19 continues.

Conmach Machinery, a manufacturer of concrete blocks and paving Stones making machines, continues to export equipment that is manufactured as part of the Covid-19 precautions. Blockking-12MS concrete block making machine, purchased by Egal Real Estate, a construction company operating in the city of Hergez, in the Somaliland region of northwestern Somalia, was shipped to Hergez by sea in a 20 ft container. Installation work and the installation of concrete block making machine sent with other equipment will be carried out on site by Conmach technicians.

Feature of concrete block making machine.

BlockKing-12MS concrete block making machine, acquired by the Somali firm Egal Real Estate, is semi-automatic. The flow rate of the hydraulic pump equipment is 32.9 l / min, the hydraulic pump motor is 7.5 kW, the amount of hydraulic movement is 5/6 units, the type of vibrator; single eccentric type, the number of vibrators is 2 units. BlockKing-12MS concrete block making machine operates with a 5.5 kW and 0.44 kW vibrator motor. Machine is equipped with 1 sensor, the dimensions of the pallet are 60 cm x 92 cm X 35 mm. The brand of electrical components that we use for the vibrating press, GmtCnt / Siemens / Telemecanique, as well as the brands of engines that we use, are Gamak / Elk / Volt.

Performance features of BlockKing-12MS concrete block making machine.

Conmach BlockKing-12MS concrete block making machine continues to win the trust of customers with its capabilities. The performance characteristics of concrete block making machine sent to the city of Hergez / Somalia are as follows - 4000 20-inch blocks, 5000 15-inch blocks, 7,000 10-inch blocks, 325 m2 of paving stones, 3000 curbs per shift (8 hours). Concrete blocks and paving Stones making machine, sent by the Somali construction company Egal Real Estate, was sent with a mixer, 2 conveyor belts, 4 wheelbarrows, a block mold, a paving stone mold and a curb mold, a total of 8 molds of various models.

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