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Block Making Machine Important notes while using

Updated: Jul 4, 2022

We export our machines according to quality standards to Nigeria, Somalia, Democratic Republic of Congo,Kenya,Ethiopia, Niger, Egypt,Ghana, Tanzania, Palestine,Syria,Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan and other countries of the world with a strong work reference. Our exports are frequently transmitted by our company, which is one of the questions to be considered when using the Block Machine in this article will clear this issue as CONMACH machine.

The Block Machine has the most important feature that allows you to obtain products in a variety of ways by changing the mold. For this, the user must always hold the mold surface. Quality production should be done by ensuring that the mortar and similar wastes are removed from the mold surface. For your spare parts orders, the damage level of the concrete block should be determined by the manufacturer. If there is looseness in the parts should be tightened, or change should be carried out.

The components that make up the concrete paving machine and concrete block machine should be lubricated regularly and other maintenance should be done to make them concrete briquette machine work smoothly. The operator of the Block Machine must receive the necessary training from CONMACH technicians. We gave a brief information about concrete paving machine for sale. If you would like to know more about our machines, welcome to the Conmach machine. We, as a company, have extensive knowledge in making construction machines. If you want to get a concrete block machine from Turkey send your message to this address


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