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From the participants of the exhibition "Building Libya Online Exhibition” which will be held on the Internet on May 19-21, Conmach continues to satisfy customers with timely delivery. Our company exported the block making machine to Ghana before the exhibition. Concrete block making machine BlockKing-12MS set off from the port of Istanbul in a 20-ft container to the "TEMA port" located in Ghana. Installation of the machine will be carried out at a construction site located in the capital, Accra.


BlockKing-12MS, concrete block making machine was imported by a construction company operating in one of African countries, Ghana, has a semi-automatic operation type. 0.25 m3 mixer, 2 conveyor belts, 6 trolleys for collecting products, 9 moulds for block, paving stone, curb, asmolen were sent with the machine. BlockKing-12MS block making machine has a capacity of 4000 20-inch blocks, 5000 15-inch blocks, 7000 10-inch blocks, 325 m2 pavers, 3000 curbs / shift (8 hours).


BlockKing-12MS block making machine has a hydraulic pump flow rate of 32.9 lt / min, hydraulic pump motor of 7.5 kw, hydraulic movement quantity of 5/6 units, vibrator type; single eccentric vibrator type, number of vibrators is 2 units. With our machine, you can produce any concrete products, you only need to change the moulds. Feature of the machine; the vibrator is powered by a 5.5 kW and 0.44 kW motor. Block making machine is equipped with 1 sensor, dimensions of the pallet are 60 cm x 92 cm X 35 mm. Electrical components brand, that we use is GmtCnt / Siemens / Telemecanique, and finally, the brand of engines that we use is Gamak / Elk / Volt.


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