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Conmach Walking Briquette Machine

Conmach Walking Briquette Machine is one kind of the machines which are produced by our company in special order. It is preferred by briquette manufacturers in large land facilities. This is because our machine produces walking briquettes. Walking briquette machines, also known as egg laying briquette machines. Manufacturers who want to make a difference in quality prefer briquette machine with cheap and economical price advantages.

Conmach Walking Briquette Machine; specially produced for the customer. Metal sheets and profiles were used in the manufacturing of this machine which are suitable for open weather conditions. The egg laying briquette machine is designed on a 24/7 operating basis. It is a machine where you will get high quality products. A few workers are sufficient for the production. However, you may need more workers for the collection of post-production briquettes. Our company manufactures custom spare parts for egg laying briquette machine.

Conmach Walking Briquette Machine; easily portable anywhere and can operate with low electricity consumption. Its quiet engine makes little noise and its work shows that its an environmentally friendly machine. Performs a smooth production. The reason is that it produces with fine aggregate. You can make production by installing any mold you want. Briquette,paving, asmolen, curbestone and other types of moulds are also used in egg laying briquette machines.

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