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Concrete Block Making Machine started production in Accra, Ghana.

Continuing its production activities in Corlu-Tekirdag in the Thrace region of Turkey, CONMACH completed the installation and assembly of BlockKing-12MS Concrete Block Making Machine in the city of Ghana / Accra, an African country. The personnel of the Conmach technical service team participated in the work that took place at the construction site in Accra. Technical service representative Abdullah Yılmaz said, “We have successfully completed the installation and assembly of the Block Paving Stone Machine, and our conveyor belt, mixer and mould types of our machines, which make up our machine combination, are also included in the machine combination.”

The choice of construction companies CONMACH Concrete Block Making Machine

CONMACH brand #Block Making Machine continues to produce actively in various regions of the country. It is seen that the construction companies that contribute to the national economy with the production of block, paving stones and curbs use their preference on the CONMACH Block Paving Stone Machine. BlockKing-12MS is among the preferred models with its serial usage, easy mould change, operator and safety panels. It has a semi-automatic working system, the block mould press thickness is 15-20 mm, the paving stone mould press thickness is 20 mm, ST52 steel plate is used in the mould compartments between 10 and 20 mm.

International Breakthrough

The CONMACH Concrete Block Making Machine models in Ghana include BlockKing-09MS, BlockKing-12MS, BlockKing-20MS, BlockKing-25MS. The breakthroughs made by the company shows that it carried the breakthroughs in the construction sector to the international sector with its Concrete Plant, Concrete Pipe Machine and Crusher Plants. While the Block Paving Stone Machine was shipped in Accra, an African city, two conveyor belts, one 0.15m³ mixer, four wet product collection cars, four block moulds, four paving stone moulds and one curb moulds were sent with it.

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