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Concrete Block Making Machine Export 2022

Covid-19 variant Omicron continues to show its effect in different cities of the world. Many countries are making changes in working life by taking new measures and making breakthroughs that will shape the economy. Continuing to work with reliable export partners in this period, CONMACH MACHINERY made the first export of 2022 to the city of Garowe, Somalia. Realizing affordable exports for its foreign customers, the company sent the Concrete Block Making Machine BlockKing-12MS model with all its equipment to its customer. Company officials, who said that they had a comfortable trade, stated that they also purchased concrete block mould, concrete curb mold and concrete paving stone mould for the production of concrete blocks and that the transportation was carried out with Concrete Block Making Machine equipment.

Real World Exports

The Concrete Block Making Machine BlockKing-12MS, which reached the city of Garowe, Somalia, where concrete blocks will be produced in a short time, was assembled on-site by the company's technical service. Abdullah Yılmaz, who is in the assembly team, continued his words by saying that as a company, they facilitate exports and provide technical service to all over the world. “I have been assembling Concrete Block Making Machine in different cities of Somalia. Again in the city of Garowe, we carried out the installation and assembly of our machine with all its equipment. We provided the necessary information to the company officials on machine maintenance, operator training and other issues. Our company trades with the world. We show our satisfaction to our customers 7/24 with our passion and provide the highest quality service.”

Excellent Company to Export

Concrete Block Machine BlockKing-12MS started production in Garowe, Somalia after assembly. Our machine produces 3 units / press 3,000 units / shift and 7 units / press 7,000 units / shift in concrete block production, 0,325 m2/press 350 m2/shift in paving stone production. Finally, in the production of curb stone, it has the capacity of 3 – 4 units / press, 3.000 – 4.000 units / shift. Investors who changed the workflow by exporting Concrete Block Machine BlockKing-12MS state that when they want to expand their business by exporting, they will prefer CONMACH MACHINERY, which is an excellent company for exporting. The company, which wants to reach more concrete block producers with exports, continues to satisfy its customers by making a difference in quality.

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