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Compact Design

Concrete blocks machines, briquettes, pavers and parpaing are widely used equipment on construction sites. It is designed to optimally improve the quality of content. These machines are equipment of compact design. It consists of durable and unique building materials. Conmach company exports construction equipment to Israel, Zambia, Georgia, Gambia, Palestine, Nigeria, Uganda, Rwanda, Ghana, Kenya, Gabon, Somalia, democratic Republic of Congo, Iraq, Ethiopia, Zambia, Libya, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Syria, Iraq, Jamaica, Guyana, Fiji and other countries. Among the suppliers in Turkey of Concrete block and pavers machines, conveyor belts, mobile concrete plants, mixers, stationary concrete plants, concrete pipes machines, concrete manhole machines, concrete rings, pumice Crushers, molds Conmach Machinery occupies a worthy place. Conmach company, engaged in the production and export of machines with a professional team and staff, provides services in the engineering of the highest class. Conmach Machinery, which serves a wide audience in the industry under the motto "Quality matters", is one of the international companies working with the consideration of all the needs of customers.

Concrete blocks and pavers machine is the choice of construction companies that want to produce pavers and blocks. Conmach develops individual projects for its clients. Molds for blocks, molds for pavers, are one of these components of this type of equipment. On the other hand, customized designs of machines and other construction equipment you need are also available. All our exported equipment is patented by our company. We have a range of automatic, semi-automatic and manual machines. The Conmach brand produces various types of construction equipment. These are Concrete blocks and pavers machines, Stationary concrete plants, mobile concrete plants, compact concrete batching plants, concrete pipes machines and concrete manhole machines, etc


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